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Are hair extensions easy to maintain?

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I'm considering getting hair extensions because I've always wanted long hair.  I'm concerned the upkeep may be too much  for me. Can anyone tell me their experiences or hints /tints?
asked Jul 1, 2014 in Hair Extensions by Liz

1 Answer

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Hi Liz! Great question! Hair extensions are a great way to have long hair, without having to wait for your hair to grow, lol. Sometimes, that can seem like it takes forever! If you have them done with a quality synthetic hair, or with real (natural) hair, then they are not hard to maintain. I’d suggest having them braided or woven in though, because some of the glues that are used can damage your real hair, especially when you have the extensions taken out. As for maintaining your extensions, real hair is easier to take care of than synthetic, you just need to be gentle, and remember to have your stylist tell you all the do’s & don’ts for the hair type that you have done. One tip that works for all hair extensions, and even for naturally long hair, is to sleep with your hair in a loose braid to prevent breakage, tangles, and just plain old bed head. Good luck!
answered Jul 8, 2014 by Catherine