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how much would it cost to dye the tips of my hair?

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i want like just the tips dyed some crazy color like electric blue =) i called my hair salon but i couldn’t understand the lady who i was speaking with. so how much would it cost? the salon is regis by the way.
asked Apr 4, 2014 in Hair Coloring by emma k

3 Answers

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i think it will cost 10 to 35 dollars sorry but salons r expensive
answered Apr 4, 2014 by anonymous
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You could DIY it, a thing of hair dye is only about 3 or 4 dollars and it’s not that hard to do. I used to use Manic Panic when I dyed my hair crazy colors and it’s pretty good. If you have darkish hair naturally, you might want to bleach it first if you want it to be a really bright color.
answered Apr 4, 2014 by anonymous
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Last summer, my family went hair-dye-crazy! I dyed my sister’s tips for her, then she dyed the bottom layer of my hair. Here’s how you could do it, it worked for us ! You’ll probably need a friend or family member to help you out, but it’s much more cost efficient than a salon!
Go to Spencer’s or Hot Topic and buy the shade of hair dye you want. (I would recommend a temporary brand like Manic Panic). You can also buy colorful hair dye at Walgreens. This will cost you about 10-15 dollars.
You’ll also need a bleaching kit, which you can buy some places for under 10 dollars. Once again, try Spencers or Hot Topic…. Some of the dying kits that Walgreens sells come with bleach.
Straighten your hair, and separate it into about 10 different sections vertically, then put elastics on the end of your hair right above where you want the color to stop. (I would recommend about 1 inch, but it depends on the results you’re looking for and the length of your hair)
Bleach the tips of your hair under the elastic, making sure to get into the middle of the bunch of hair, too. Leave it for however long the packaging recommends, or until you’re satisfied with the lightness. Don’t leave it on too long though, it can make your hair brittle!
Once you bleach it, rinse it out. (I would recommend doing this OUTSIDE, by the way, it can be messy!! And rubber gloves are a must!
Apply the hair dye and leave it for however long its packaging recommends. Then rinse it out, and be ready for the water to be colored— that’s okay, it’s just the excess dye.
Enjoy your new tips !
Good luck! (:
answered Apr 4, 2014 by anonymous