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Black hairstyles for white women?

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I am a white woman and I really admire black hair styles. My hair is long and silky, but I like some of the hairstyles I see on black women. Am I the only white woman who would love to have african american hair? My boyfriend likes my hair as long and silky, but I think it would be easier to maintain my hair if I took my hair to a black beauty salon and let them give me one of their hairstyles. I am debating in my mind and unsure what to do. Any insights?
Has any white woman had experience with black hairstyles? Or how about an afro on a white woman? I am ready for a change.
Well, I’ve seen some of the answers. I am white, and I am considered a very attractive white woman, but I’ve always been very interested in the appearance of beautiful black, african american hair. It looks so pretty, and maybe a little more stiff than white, european hair, almost like it would be easier to style than white hair. But I live in The South, in a small town and the rednecks might go crazy if I changed my hairstyle to adapt the african american look. We have a couple of minority beauty salons in the next town over, but I’m thinking about taking my hair there. Also, I must admit that my boyfriend, who is white, likes black women and I guess I’m willing to change my appearance to appeal to him. In fact, I’m the only white woman he has ever dated.
asked Apr 25, 2014 in Hairstyles by laurenk

1 Answer

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Hi! I am white and I took my hair to Ebony Plus Hair Salon and they permed it and gave me the most beautiful ethnic looking black hair I have ever seen. It’s not a weave, or a wig. It’s real. In fact, it looks so african american now, that when people see me from behind, they think I am black. When they see my face and that I’m white, they are surprised. I am Italian, and so I think it might be easier to afro up Italian hair or Mexican than it is for a regular white girl to get a black hair style. Believe it or not, there are men out there who think that white women with african american dos are hot. Ever since I went african american with my hair, I’ve been asked out more by both black guys and even white guys. This hair I have now gives me an exotic look. If you are white, and you love black hair styles, then go for it. Don’t let redneck comments bother you.
answered Apr 25, 2014 by Kayla