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Wig, Weave, Best BLACK HAIRSTYLE for vacation?

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I have shoulder length relaxed hair. I know that my hair will get wet and frizzy and I don’t want to be bothered with blow dryers and curling irons. I’ve never worn braids or weaves but I was wondering if it may be a good option for A Caribbean vacation. How much care would a weave require? How practical is it for vacation? Short of cropping my hair short, what else can I do to look fab without the fuss?
asked Apr 25, 2014 in Hairstyles by kerryb

2 Answers

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omg girl this would b so cute and easy! just pull it back into a tiny bun at the top of your head.sides smooth and everything then just go buy a hair piece, like a straight ponytail that’s short and will match your hair color.! and put gel on the sides so when it gets wet it wont frizz

like this but u can buy a shorter one

answered Apr 25, 2014 by tracee
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well if you get tracks or wigs and get them wet they will look just like regular hair. so i advise u get micro braids. they won’t look bad if they get wet. but make sure its human hair.
answered Apr 25, 2014 by Maya